Industrial Shredder
Industrial Shredder

What companies would benefit from a Industrial Shredder?

Companies who reduce a high volume of voluminous waste material would benefit by reducing it to a smaller particle size. For example, companies who use these include:

  • UPVC Frame Manufacturers
  • Pallet Suppliers
  • Waste Contractors
  • Recyclers

In addition, it may also be worth considering a Screw CompactorStatic Compactor or Jumbo Roll-Packer.

What size is the shredder? How is it powered?

Balecom supply a wide range of shredders with various sizes and motor powers depending on Feed Aperture, Shredded Particle Size and throughput. All our Shredders require a 3-Phase Electrical Supply.
However, if you require a smaller shredder please see our Document Shredders.


Our Industrial Shredders are available to purchase or hire.