Jumbo Roll Packer Compactor
Jumbo Roll Packer Compactor

Jumbo Roll-Packer Compactor is the ideal solution, if you generate large volumes of waste wood.

As well as level ground the only other requirement to install and operate this machine is an electrical supply. The electrical requirements are three phase. A Jumbo Roll-Packer Compactor is safe to use, even so, we train your operators.

Who is a Jumbo Roll-Packer Compactor suitable for?

This is a great machine for reducing the volume of waste wood. Customers include: Distribution Centres, Transport Companies, Pallet Recyclers, Waste Contractors, UPVC Recyclers and GRP (Fibreglass) Moulders. On the other hand, a Static Compactor may be more beneficial.

How does it work? Power supply requirements?

The hydraulically driven toothed drum drives backwards and forwards in an Open Top Container resulting in reduced waste volumes. Installation is fairly simple as a result of site requirements being only a 3-phase supply and a level area.


These types of compactors are available to purchase or hire; New or Refurbished.

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