Jumbo Roll Packer Compactor
Jumbo Roll Packer Compactor

Introducing the Jumbo Roll-Packer Compactor

In managing large volumes of waste wood, the Jumbo Roll-Packer Compactor emerges as an essential solution. Tailored for efficiency and ease of use, it only requires a level ground and a three-phase electrical supply for installation, streamlining your waste management from the outset.

Suitable Industries for Jumbo Roll-Packer Compactors

This compactor is invaluable for businesses dealing with significant amounts of waste wood. It serves diverse sectors, including Distribution Centres, Transport Companies, Pallet Recyclers, Waste Contractors, UPVC Recyclers, and GRP (Fibreglass) Moulders. Should your requirements differ, our Static Compactor might offer a more suitable alternative, providing distinct benefits for a variety of uses.

Operational Safety and Comprehensive Training

Safety is paramount, and we ensure every Jumbo Roll-Packer Compactor is user-friendly and safe. Comprehensive operator training is provided, empowering your team to operate the machine safely and effectively.

How It Works and Installation Requirements

The machine operates via a hydraulically driven, toothed drum moving back and forth in an Open Top Container, compacting waste wood efficiently and reducing volume significantly. Installation is straightforward, necessitating only a level area and a three-phase electrical connection.

Customisation and Availability

We understand that different businesses have varying needs. Therefore, we offer Jumbo Roll-Packer Compactors in both new and refurbished conditions, available for purchase or hire to suit your operational requirements and budget.

Why Opt for the Jumbo Roll-Packer Compactor?

Opting for this compactor means choosing efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. It not only enhances your waste wood management but also supports a greener, more sustainable approach to waste handling.