Static Compactors
Static Compactors

Static Compactors – from Balecom

Why Use Static Compactors from Balecom?

Maximizing Waste Management Efficiency

Opt for the Best in Waste Compaction Technology: When aiming to minimize waste transport costs and maintain a clean, safe waste storage environment, the logical step is to invest in top-tier compaction equipment. Over time, the significant portion of your waste disposal expenses will come from collection and disposal charges, not equipment costs.

Innovative Design for Maximum Capacity

High-Capacity Waste Handling with Versatile Loading Options: Thanks to its innovative design, our Static Compactors can manage large volumes of waste with ease. The only prerequisites for installing and operating these machines are a level ground and an electrical supply. While the standard electrical requirement is three-phase, a single-phase option is available.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Safety and Training for Effective Operation: Safety is a paramount concern, and we ensure that your operators are thoroughly trained to use the Static Compactors efficiently and safely.

Discover Cost-Saving Opportunities

Contact Us: If you want an illustration of the cost savings please contact us or our Waste Division WHS (Environmental Ltd).

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