Static Compactor - Manual Loading
Static Compactor – Manual Loading
When is a Static Compactor Manual Loading needed?

At Balecom, we recommend using a Static Compactor – Manual Loading if your company regularly uses a skip or waste container for general dry waste. This can significantly reduce the waste volume by at least 4:1, making it a cost-effective waste management solution. For companies generating wet waste, we suggest using a Portable Compactor. Our Static Compactors come with various loading system options, including a Bin-Lifter, to suit your need

What sizes are there? How are they powered?

Our Static Compactors come in different sizes depending on the volume of waste they are designed to handle. At Balecom, we offer various sizes of Static Compactors to fit your specific waste management needs. Our units typically require a 32A 3-phase electrical supply to operate efficiently.


We understand that waste management solutions need to be readily available to our customers. At Balecom, our Static Compactors are available for purchase or hire, both new or refurbished. For the convenience of our customers, consumables such as compactor bags and baling wire can also be purchased through our sister website, Bag & Bale.

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