Bagging Compactors
Bagging Compactors

Bagging Compactors reduce the volume of compactable waste, as a result you reduce your waste disposal costs.

Who needs a 5030 Bagging Compactor?

All businesses can benefit from a 5030 Bagging Compactor; they are great little units, 3 tonnes of pressure reducing compactable waste volumes, if you can fill at least 4no. Wheelie Bins per week this will reduce your waste to 1no. and save you money. This compactor is ideal for Golf Clubs, Rugby Clubs, Offices, Factories, Shops, Printers, Restaurants and Caf├ęs.

How big is it? How is it powered?

The compactor takes up less space than a pallet, it has a castor base so can be easily moved. Very easy to use and is fitted with a standard 3-pin 13A plug.


Our 5030 Bagging Compactors are available to purchase or hire; New or Refurbished.

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