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Why Use Waste Compactors?

You want to reduce your waste transport costs to an absolute minimum and keep your waste stored safely and tidily.
The logical conclusion is to invest in the best compaction equipment.
Over the months and years to come, the bulk of your waste disposal costs will not be in equipment but in waste collections and disposal charges.

AJK Portable Waste Compactors

The AJK range of portable compactors are proven reliable units that will reduce your costs, minimize your waste and maximize each payload. Two model ranges cater for all applications. A number of factory options are available, including different fill openings, rear door fixings and bin lifting.

AJK E Series
AJK E Series

The AJK E series caters for both skip lift vehicles (AJK 6E – 12E) and for Rolonof/Hook lift vehicles (AJK 14E – 20E). With compaction capacity up to 20m3.

AJK N/L Series
AJK N/L Series

The AJK N/L series is solely for use with Rolonof/Hook lift vehicles (AJK 14N – 26N) With compaction capacity up to 26m3.
In addition, this range also has an L version which offers the benefit of a large hopper opening capable of handling large, bulky items with ease.

AJK Static Compactors
AJK Static Compactors

AJK static compactors are ideal for handling large volumes of generally dry waste for compaction into containers. Models can be customised to suit individual customer requirements. Different hopper arrangements allow bin-lifting equipment to be fitted, capable of handling bins from 240 Litres up to 1100 Litres. Connection to standard containers can be easily and speedily achieved by the use of hydraulic locking arms.

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AJK systems out perform other compaction systems available in the EEC and offer the following benefits over other compaction systems:

  • High power and ultra efficient, low friction operation. AJK systems use up to a massive 640 kN (64 tonnes) of brute compaction force to cram the maximum amount of waste into a container, thus saving the most on chargeable collections. Lower friction design, reduces ram friction losses to an absolute minimum, so almost all the energy at the ram face is transferred into your rubbish, not dissipated into the frame of the machine. There will be no more paying for the transportation of ‘fresh air’. Fewer collections also mean fewer vehicles on your site, and a minimisation of the disruption that all these waste collection vehicles cause.
  • Improved hygiene and site tidiness. Installation will ensure that your waste is safely contained at all times, and not blown around your site. Our waste disposal system is guaranteed leak proof and odour free. The discharge bulkhead door has a unique watertight seal with a special lockable four-point ratchet clamp. Our system is guaranteed to eliminate spillage during operation, collection and transport. Hygiene levels will be improved, as our containers are water-profiled for rapid and complete discharge. The corners are radiussed to eliminate dirt traps where waste can accumulate and fester.
  • Long-term reliable performance. AJK have their own metal fabrication plant, acknowledged as one of the finest in Europe. The high build quality of an AJK compactor ensures longevity for your equipment investment (15 – 20 years). Their resistance to corrosion and the strength to withstand the rigors of a long working life lowers your cost of ownership to an absolute minimum.
  • Flexibility and ease of operation. AJK compactors can be fitted with a variety of automatic loading devices to improve the handling of your waste, speed up waste disposal and eliminate the risk of manual handling injuries. Examples include extra large hoppers for tipper skips, automatic bin lifting attachments for emptying Eurobins and automatic cage lifting attachments for rapid disposal of caged waste.
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