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Why Use Waste Compactors?

Invest in the best waste compactors to reduce transport costs, improve storage safety and tidiness. Save on long-term waste management expenses with efficient and cost-effective compactor solutions.

AJK Portable Waste Compactors

In addition to their cost-saving benefits, AJK portable compactors also offer versatility and customization options. The two model ranges cater to a variety of applications and a range of factory options, such as different fill openings, rear door fixings, and bin lifting attachments, are available to meet individual customer requirements. With these features, AJK portable compactors provide an effective solution for waste disposal.

AJK E Series
AJK E Series

The AJK E series caters for both skip lift vehicles (AJK 6E – 12E) and for Rolonof/Hook lift vehicles (AJK 14E – 20E). With compaction capacity up to 20m3.

AJK N/L Series
AJK N/L Series

The AJK N/L series is solely for use with Rolonof/Hook lift vehicles (AJK 14N – 26N) With compaction capacity up to 26m3.
In addition, this range also has an L version which offers the benefit of a large hopper opening capable of handling large, bulky items with ease.

AJK Static Compactors
AJK Static Compactors

The AJK static compactors are a suitable solution for managing a significant amount of dry waste, with the capability of compacting it into containers. AJK offers a range of options to make their compactors even more flexible and suitable for each customer’s needs. From different fill openings and rear door fixings to a variety of hopper arrangements, AJK can handle bins of various sizes, ranging from 240 liters to 1100 liters with ease. This makes their compactors the ideal choice for anyone looking to minimize waste, lower costs, and maximize each payload. Connection to standard containers can be easily and speedily achieved by the use of hydraulic locking arms.

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AJK systems offer several advantages over other compaction systems available in the European Economic Community. AJK compactors boast a high power and low friction design for maximum efficiency. With up to a 640 kN compaction force, these powerful units maximize the amount of waste stored in each container, saving time and money by reducing the number of waste collections needed. The design transfers energy into the waste, not the frame of the machine.

AJK systems guarantee leak-proof and odour-free operations, improving hygiene and tidiness at the site. The discharge bulkhead door features a unique watertight seal and a lockable four-point ratchet clamp. This prevents spillage during operation, collection, and transport by ensuring that waste is contained at all times. Additionally, the containers are water-profiled for rapid and complete discharge and the corners are radiussed to eliminate dirt traps.

The AJK systems not only deliver high performance, but they also offer long-term value. This not only ensures their longevity but also makes them a cost-effective investment for the long term. AJK systems are built to last and provide efficient waste disposal solutions for any application. This results in longevity, making the AJK systems a cost-effective investment that will last for many years to come.

Finally, AJK systems are flexible and easy to operate. AJK offers customization options and automatic loading devices, including hoppers, bin lifting attachments, and cage lifting attachments, to meet specific waste disposal needs. These devices can also help to speed up waste disposal and eliminate the risk of manual handling injuries.

Visit www.waste-handling-solutions.com for a wider selection of compactors and head to www.whsltd.co.uk for all your waste disposal needs. Explore your options today and make a smart investment in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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