Document Shredder
Document Shredder
What is a Document Shredder Used For?

A Document Shredder is essential for destroying paperwork and files in a manner that ensures both recycling and confidentiality. Suitable for all office sizes, these shredders effectively handle sensitive documents, providing peace of mind regarding data security. Our range caters to various office requirements, ensuring there’s a shredder for every need.

Collection and Recycling Services

In addition to providing shredders, Balecom offers comprehensive services for the Collection and Recycling of your shredded waste paper. If your office generates large volumes of waste, you might want to consider our Industrial Shredder. These are designed for high-volume shredding with the same emphasis on security and environmental sustainability. To explore the best options for your needs, we encourage you to contact us.

Are There Different Sizes of Document Shredder? What Power Supply Do They Require?

We offer a diverse range of shredders to match different throughput and confidentiality needs. Smaller units are equipped with a standard 3-pin 13A plug, making them suitable for typical office environments. Larger machines, designed for more extensive shredding tasks, require a 3-phase electrical supply to accommodate their higher power demands.

Availability of Office Shredders

Our selection of Office Shredders is available for both purchase and hire. Whether you’re looking for a compact shredder for a small office or a more robust model for larger operations, we have options to suit every requirement and budget.

Additional Information

Using a document shredder not only aids in maintaining confidentiality but also supports recycling efforts, aligning with eco-friendly practices. To learn more about sustainable office solutions and our range of shredders, please visit Balecom’s Sustainability Practices.

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