Rotary Compactors
Rotary Compactors

Rotary Compactors reduce the volume of compactable waste, as a result you reduce your waste disposal costs.

When is a Rotary Compactor used?

For businesses generating mixed dry general waste and need it compacting into a large bag which sits on a pallet. Likewise, it is fully enclosed to prevent scatter and theft. Uses include Hotels, Hazardous Waste Producers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Confidential Waste Handlers, etc…

It may also be worth looking at a Static Compactor or a Portable Compactor.

What size is the compacted waste? How is it powered?

The compacted bag of waste is ~1m diameter x 1.5m high and sits on a pallet. The electrical supply needed is 3-phase.


These compactors are only available as New but they are still available to purchase or hire.

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