Skip-Lift Compactor - Bin-Lifter
Skip-Lift Compactor – Bin-Lifter

Benefits of a Skip-Lift Portable Compactor with Bin-Lifter


One of the main advantages of using a Skip-Lift Portable Compactor with Bin-Lifter is its space-saving design. It takes up less space than a Hook-Lift Ro-Ro Type Compactor, making it a suitable choice for businesses with limited space for waste management equipment.

Volume reduction

A Skip-Lift Portable Compactor with Bin-Lifter helps businesses reduce the volume of their non-recyclable waste by compacting it into a smaller space. This results in fewer waste pickups, which can lower waste disposal costs and reduce the environmental impact.

Types of Portable Compactors

Hook-Lift Ro-Ro Type Compactor

The Hook-Lift Ro-Ro Type Compactor is a larger type of portable compactor that requires more space compared to a Skip-Lift Portable Compactor. This compactor is typically used by businesses that generate a substantial amount of waste and have adequate space for waste management equipment.

Skip-Lift Portable Compactor

The Skip-Lift Portable Compactor is a popular choice for businesses that require a compact and efficient waste management solution. This compactor comes in two versions:

Manual Loading Version

This version of the Skip-Lift Portable Compactor is designed for manual loading, making it a more cost-effective option for businesses that do not require a Bin-Lifter. It is ideal for organizations that have a smaller volume of waste or limited staff to handle the waste.

Sizes and Power Requirements

Capacity Range

Skip-Lift Portable Compactors come in various sizes, ranging from 6-14m3 (8-18yd3). The most popular size is the 10m3 (14yd3) compactor, which can accommodate the needs of most businesses. Larger and smaller sizes are available to suit specific requirements.

Electrical Supply

These compactors typically require a 32A 3-phase electrical supply to function efficiently. It is essential to ensure that your business has the appropriate power supply in place before investing in a Skip-Lift Portable Compactor.

Bin-Lifter Feature

The Bin-Lifter is a useful feature available on some Skip-Lift Portable Compactors. It enables the easy loading of waste from large bins or containers, reducing manual labor and ensuring a more efficient waste management process. This feature can be particularly beneficial for businesses that produce a considerable amount of waste.

Availability and Options

Purchase or Hire

Skip-Lift Portable Compactors, including those with a Bin-Lifter, are available for purchase or hire, depending on the needs and financial capabilities of your business. Hiring a compactor can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that do not wish to invest

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