WHS 150V Baler
WHS 150V Baler

Who is a WHS 150V Baler Suitable For?

Businesses that handle large or medium volumes of cardboard boxes, or significant amounts of plastic film, will greatly benefit from the 150V Baler. This baler excels in various environments including warehouses, supermarkets, distribution companies, leisure centres, and hotels, meeting their specific waste management needs efficiently.

How is it Powered and What Does the Bale Weigh?

Operating on a standard 240V electrical supply, the WHS 150V Baler fits seamlessly into most UK business environments. Its vertical compression efficiently turns waste into bales, weighing typically between 150-200kg, based on the compacted material. Moreover, its automatic bale ejection system facilitates easy removal of completed bales.


Balecom’s inventory includes a wide range of Balers, available for both purchase and hire. Options range from new to refurbished models, accommodating different budgetary requirements. Our expert team offers guidance in selecting the ideal baler for your business and ensures continued support and maintenance for peak performance.

Consumables for this Baler

For optimal operation of the WHS 150V Baler, it’s crucial to use high-quality consumables like bale wire, strapping, and bale bags. We suggest sourcing these from Bag & Bale Ltd, our sister company. They provide durable, performance-enhancing products suitable for these balers. Explore and order from their extensive range on the Bag & Bale website.

Additional Insights

By using this Baler, businesses can significantly reduce their environmental footprint, promoting sustainability. Additionally, the compacted bales can be recycled, contributing to a circular economy. For more information on recycling and sustainability practices, visit Waste Handling Solutions Ltd

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