WHS 150V Baler
WHS 150V Baler
Who is a WHS 150V Baler suitable for?

A WHS 150V Baler is a compact vertical baler for businesses generating large/medium volumes of cardboard boxes or large volumes of plastic film. This Baler can be used within Warehouses, Supermarkets, Distribution Companies, Leisure Centres, Hotels, etc…

How is it powered and what does the bale weigh?

The WHS 150V Baler only requires a 240V electrical supply, making it easy to integrate into most businesses’ existing electrical systems. It is a vertical baler, meaning that it compresses the waste vertically to create bales.

When complete, the bale weighs between 150-200kg, depending on the material being compacted. The baler also features an automatic bale ejection system, making it easy to remove the bale once it is complete.


At Balecom, we offer a range of WHS 150V Balers that are available to purchase or hire. We have both new and refurbished machines available to suit any budget or need. Our expert team can help you find the right baler for your business and provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your machine is always working at its best.

Consumables for this Baler

To ensure the proper operation of your WHS 150V Baler, it is essential to use high-quality consumables such as bale wire, strapping, and bale bags. At Balecom, we recommend using consumables from our sister company, Bag & Bale Ltd, to ensure the best possible performance and durability of your baler. Visit Bag & Bale’s website to view their full range of consumables and to place an order.

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