SAM300 Mill-Size Baler
SAM300 Mill-Size Baler
Who is a SAM300 Mill-Sized Baler suitable for?

The SAM300 Mill-Sized Baler is suitable for handling plastic film and cardboard generated by businesses such as Vehicle Manufactures, Distribution Centres/Hubs, Large Supermarkets, Depots, Retail Outlets, Department Stores, Food Producers, DIY Stores, etc…

The SAM300 Mill-Sized Baler is a robust and efficient solution for businesses generating large volumes of plastic film and cardboard. This equipment is particularly suitable for sectors like Vehicle Manufacturing, Distribution Centres and Hubs, Large Supermarkets, Depots, Retail Outlets, Department Stores, Food Producers, and DIY Stores. Its capacity to handle substantial waste makes it an indispensable tool in these industries.

Bale Specifications and Power Requirements?

The SAM300 is designed to produce mill-sized bales, weighing between 300-400kg, making waste management more efficient and cost-effective. The automatic bale ejection system simplifies the process, reducing manual labour and increasing safety. For power, the baler requires a 3-phase electrical supply, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.


Understanding the varying needs of businesses, we offer the SAM300 Mill-Sized Balers for both purchase and hire. Clients can choose between brand new units or opt for refurbished ones under our Econobale range.

Consumables for this Baler

To support your ongoing use of the SAM300, consumables are readily available through our sister company, Bag & Bale Ltd. They offer a range of products specifically designed to complement our balers, ensuring seamless operation and maximum efficiency in your recycling processes.

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