Saphir 500AT Baler
Saphir 500AT Baler

Saphir 500AT Baler – The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Waste Management

The Saphir 500AT Baler stands as a pinnacle in waste management technology, catering to businesses handling substantial volumes of compactable recyclable materials. Its robust design and efficient operation make it a preferred choice across various industries.

This baler is particularly beneficial for:

  • Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)
  • Waste Management Contractors
  • Local Councils and Municipalities
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Packaging Producers

Features and Benefits

  • High Capacity: Capable of processing 25-100 tonnes of waste per week, it’s ideal for medium to large-scale operations.
  • Pneumatic Conveying System Compatibility: Easily integrates with air-fed systems for streamlined operation.
  • Diverse Ancillary Equipment Options: Offers compatibility with a range of supporting equipment.

Technical Specifications

  • Output: Generates 2 – 4.5 tonnes of bales per hour.
  • Bale Weight: Produces bales weighing between 400-600kg, optimizing transport and storage.
  • Automatic Tying System: Features a vertical tying system, with an optional horizontal configuration.
  • Shear Blade Inclusion: Enhances cutting efficiency, essential for tough materials.
  • Power Requirements: Operates on a 63A 3-phase electrical supply, ensuring high efficiency and consistent performance.

Availability and Options

  • Purchasing Options: Available for purchase or hire.
  • Condition Variants: Choose between new or refurbished models to suit your budget and needs.

Support and Consumables

  • Expert Assistance: Our team offers comprehensive support and guidance for optimal use.
  • Consumables Supply: Visit Bag & Bale Ltd for all your consumable needs, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Enhancing Your Waste Management Strategy Incorporating the Saphir 500AT Baler into your waste management system elevates efficiency, reduces environmental impact, and optimizes recycling processes. Its advanced features and adaptability make it an indispensable asset for modern businesses focused on sustainable and effective waste handling.