Saphir 450AT Baler
Saphir 450AT Baler

Who is a Saphir 450AT suitable for?

The Saphir 450AT is the entry level Mill-Size Baler manufactured by Sacria.If your company generates 20-25 tonnes per week of cardboard/plastic this baler is ideal, with a maximum throughput of 2.5 tonnes per hour, and as a result it can be loaded manually or fitted with Ancillary Equipment e.g.  Conveyor or Bin-Lifter.

What does the bale weigh and what powers it?

The Saphir 450AT produces mill-size bales weighing 450-500kg at a rate of 1-2.5 tonnes per hour. The automatic tying system is vertical, therefore it has a shear blade and requires a 32A 3-phase electrical supply.


This Baler is available to purchase or hire; New or Refurbished.

Consumables for this Baler

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