Saphir 350AT Baler
Saphir 350AT Baler
Who is a Saphir 350AT Fully Automatic Baler suitable for?

The Saphir 350AT Fully Automatic Baler sees widespread use in the fruit packing industry for compacting heavy-duty waste fruit boxes, frequently with the aid of a Conveyor from a pack-house loading bay. It is also ideal for handling Recyclable Material from Distribution Centres & Hubs, Food Producers, Waste Contractors, MRF’s, Civic Sites, Etc…

How much does the bale weigh, and what is its power source?

The Saphir 350AT Fully Automatic Balers produce mill-size bales weighing 400-500kg at a rate of 3-4 tonnes per hour. The automatic tying system is vertical (Horizontal is optional), it has a shear blade and requires a 63A 3-phase electrical supply.


The Saphir 350AT Fully Automatic Balers are available to purchase or hire; Refurbished.

The newer model, the Saphir 500AT, has replaced the Saphir 350T Horizontal Baler and is available in versions with 50 or 60 tonnes of compaction force. Despite this upgrade, spares for the 350T are still available.

The Saphir range of balers continues to be of high quality and performance, while also maintaining a compact design. These fully automatic horizontal balers offer customization options, such as the placement of control panels on either side to meet specific needs.

Depending on the materials being baled, the baler’s wire tying system can be either vertical or horizontal. One can install these balers indoors or outdoors, with modifications for weatherproofing for outdoor installations.

To accommodate various site requirements, the loading system can be designed to include manual loading with safety tri-bars, belted conveyors, or bin-lifters for wheelie bins.

If you are generating over 20 tonnes per week of cardboard or plastic, WHS can design and provide a quote for the appropriate automatic baling solution.

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