WHS 500HD Semi Automatic Baler
WHS 500HD Semi Automatic Baler

Who is a WHS 500HD Baler suitable for?

The WHS 500HD Semi-Auto Baler is an ideal choice for companies producing up to 20 tonnes per week of waste materials, including cardboard and plastics. Its robust design and high capacity make it perfect for Distribution Centres, Packing Producers, Plastic Recyclers, Waste Contractors, Skip Companies, and Parcel Networks. These industries will find the baler particularly beneficial for efficient and effective waste management.

How is it powered and what does the bale weigh?

Equipped with a 3-phase electrical supply, the WHS 500HD Balers efficiently produce bales weighing between 500-600 kg. It operates at a rate of up to 2 tonnes per hour, thanks to its 50 tonnes of force and a shear blade. The baler also features a full eject system, enhancing its performance and ease of use. For additional loading options and to complement this baler, you can explore our Ancillary Equipment range.


The WHS 500HD Balers are available for businesses looking to either purchase or hire. We offer options for both new and refurbished models, accommodating a range of budgetary and operational needs.

Consumables for this Baler

For all your consumable needs related to the WHS 500HD Baler, we recommend visiting Bag & Bale Ltd. They offer a comprehensive range of consumables tailored to optimise the performance and longevity of your baler.