Screw Compactor - Bin-Lifter
Screw Compactors – Bin-Lifters
Who uses a Screw Compactor with Bin-Lifter?

A Screw Compactors with Bin-Lifters are commonly used by industries that deal with a large volume of waste, including Food & Drink Producers, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Fish Processors, and more. These compactors are especially useful for those looking to recycle EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), as they can reduce its volume by up to 50:1.

What sizes are these machines?

Screw Compactors come in different sizes to accommodate different throughput requirements. Mechanical means, such as a bin-lifter, can load the larger models instead of Manual Loading. The compactor’s size and the amount of waste it processes determine the size of the log produced. It is important to note that all Screw Compactors require a 3-phase electrical supply.


At Balecom Ltd, we offer new Screw Compactors with Bin-Lifters for purchase or hire. Customers can choose from a range of sizes to meet their specific waste management needs. In addition, our company provides various optional features that can further optimize the performance of these machines, such as a shredder unit. Customers can visit our sister website, Bag & Bale Ltd, for a selection of consumables for use with our Screw Compactors.

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